My take on the Apple Only App #ClubHouse

Its more than just another social media platform.

Right now, there are several highly targeted niche conversations going on in many different business parallels.

Every time I jump on, i learn something I didn’t know about business credit, real estate , social media marketing, or I connect with someone I didn’t know that I needed to.

Think of it as a linkedin that is audio based, mixed with a 10x conference, and break out rooms you can jump in at will.

Its not for everyone, but for me it has massive value.

Yesterday Master P talked for an hour about what he’s reading, building, and his most recent mindset toward business. Best thing is that if i had a question, I could raise my hand and literally speak directly to him.

One of the best 45 minutes of game I have heard this year.

I dont see these people pouring in so much value forever.

Like anything, its the exclusivity that is driving people to the platform.

Tap In while you can still gain the most value.

Edit: If you need an invite, add your self by signing up, There are two apps named ClubHouse. The one you need is the one with the guy holding a guitar.

Someone who is saved in your contacts will get a notification that you need in on the app. You can then access all the dope rooms.

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